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It’s 7:00 pm. You just finished a grueling day of work, battled terrible weather on your commute home, and now you’re hungry —it’s a feeling we’re all familiar with.

I don’t want to eat out… I just want a home cooked meal! Is that too hard to ask for?
But my cabinets and fridge are bare…
I really need to order Fresh Direct soon.

So what do you do? You check out Meal Sharing ASAP and choose a home-cooked meal in your city and the excitement of meeting new friends. Or maybe you love traveling but don’t want to spend the money eating out every day but instead prefer to try local food. Meal Sharing, which is available in 450+ countries worldwide, has been called the “Airbnb of Home-Cooked Meals” and offers more places to eat than any other website. Here are the quick and dirty facts:

What You Need to Know About Meal Sharing

  1. It’s affordable. Let’s face it–we live in New York City. Nothing is cheap here (well, some things) but a home-cooked meal has no price tag and Meal Sharing believes that too. Choose from a “Free” option or the brand new “Chip-In” option, which allows hosts to set a price for their meals (meal prices average at $7 per person) to help with food costs and time. Something nice if you’d like to give a little something back to your host.
  2. It’s easy to use. Open browser, go to Meal Sharing, select a city and go! Meal options will appear and your mouth will start watering. Want to host? Choose “Create a Meal” and the website will walk you through an easy step-by-step process so you can start offering home-cooked meals to others.
  3. It’s verified and safe. Hosts and attendees are able to rate and review everyone at the meal, ensuring safety and validity so if you’re unsure of how to choose your host the first time, you can view what others have said about them and get an inside scoop on what their experience was like.
  4. You get to meet people near and far. In a new place and want to make a friend? Like other share sites, Meal Sharing brings people together with a similar interest in cooking, eating together, and learning new things. “We want to make it possible for people, who otherwise would probably never meet, to get together and have a good time over food, ” says the website. “We want to make that experience safe and enriching for everyone involved.”
  5. Eat happy.  Nothing beats a real home-cooked meal. Traveling and food go hand-in-hand. And let’s be real, you’re really missing your own bed, so you might as well have a little home cooked lovin’ and great company.

We’re already scoping out what’s good in our hood! Tell us what you think of Meal Sharing. How you would use it?

Photo credit Meal Sharing

by Alison Magistrali