My first meal in London was at Scalini, an informal Italian restaurant with unique decor, excellent food, and unpretentious service with a touch of charm. The restaurant’s philosophy is “simplicity, passion, and recognition.” It was cozy for couples, accommodating to larger parties, and apparently great for the lone dinner. I spotted two young men sitting by themselves with earphones.

  • For the antipasti, go for the Avocado Reale. It’s avocado with lobster, celery and cocktail sauce. Be ready to share, because this dish is beautiful, and everyone will want to try it.
  • For your entree, I recommend the Medaglioni di Manzo Stefano, also known as beef medallions with madeira sauce and fresh wild mushrooms. The presentation won’t wow you–then again, I don’t think I’ve ever seen beautiful beef medallions–but get this dish medium or medium-rare, and believe me when I say that you will not want to share.
  • A close runner-up is the veal escalope dipped in egg, with parmesan cheese and an artichoke heart. It literally melts in your mouth, and shows you that you don’t really need to serve a large chunk of meat if it is prepared properly.
  • For dessert, try the raspberry cheesecake, which somehow manages to be both a cake and a regular cheesecake–so it’s unique. Though I’m not normally a fan of dessert carts, this one almost made me change my mind.

Scalini is what I would call a gem of Knightsbridge. Happy traveling (and eating)!

1-3 Walton Street,
Greater London