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I couldn’t leave London without heading to Chef Mark Hix’s Hix SoHo, which came recommended by Art and Soul Executive Chef Wes Morton. So that’s exactly where I headed after watching Les Misérables.

After eating oysters and trying the pork crackling with apple sauce–which I eventually surrendered to and stopped munching on, afraid that I would break a tooth–I went for the Scotch quail eggs. It was the best appetizer I’ve had on this trip, and came with Wye Valley asparagus and pennywort. On a streak here, I tried another appetizer–this time the Portland crab broth with seashore vegetables. I was worried that this would be more of a consommé, but alas the dish was flavorful and almost hearty. Surprisingly, it had a nice, spicy kick to it.

For my main, I almost ordered with Launceston barley chop with spring bubble n’ squeak, but switched to hanger steak with baked bone marrow at the last minute. The meat is so thinly-cut that you really have to get it medium-rare in order to do this dish right. The bone marrow reminded me of Aaron Silverman’s plate at Rose’s Luxury — good version of a classic dish with a nice, light texture.

Make it yourself, courtesy of Mark Hix in The Independent. Happy eating (and traveling)!

Hix SoHo
66-70 Brewer Street
London, W1F 9UP
020 7292 3518