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As a teenager, I probably watched Julia Roberts’ Notting Hill at least 100 times. (Too bad I’m now older than Anna Scott–and sadly still single.) That said, while in London I absolutely had to make it to the Notting Hill neighborhood.

After walking around and shopping for a couple of hours, I was in the mood for some fish & chips. I asked three vendors for recommendations and all suggested Geales. I almost missed the restaurant, as it’s on a nondescript block and well off the beaten track. I found it handsome. For 70 years, Geales has been a neighborhood, or shall I say neighbourhood favorite, and I can see why.

If you’re a fan of fish & chips, you can get them fried in crispy batter, pan-fried, grilled or steamed, and you have your choice of pollock, cod, haddock, or sole.

  • You must have dill pickles as a snack. They were crisp, refreshing and sweet. This is big enough to share with another, unless like me, you have a thing for pickles.
  • Instead of oysters as a starter, I went for the North Atlantic prawn cocktail with avocado. The dish was beautiful and tasty. Unfortunately, the avocados were hidden at the bottom. Presented in a type of mason jar, I would have chosen something else to serve this in. That said, this is still a must-get.
  • Would you believe it if I tell you that I actually didn’t order the fish & chips? I saw three orders around me (which looked amazing, by the way) and decided to go for something that I could finish. So I went with the pork belly with applesauce and cracklins. To me, this will always be a porcine darling. Succulent, fatty, yet not too greasy, this was a dish I almost wanted a second helping of. Stay away from the cracklind though–it was hard enough to break a tooth.

2 Farmer St
London, United Kingdom
+44 20 7727 7528