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Some of the best spirits in the world are distilled right here in the United States, and the outstanding products from Koval Distillery are no exception. Koval was founded in Chicago in the mid-1800s and has been creating some of the purest and highest quality whiskey, liqueurs, and other spirits ever since. One of their newest products coming out of their distilleries is a high quality dry gin that seems like it is a cut above the rest. From start to finish, this gin possess exceptional quality and is sure to impress even the toughest of critics.

One of the best features about this fantastic spirit is that it can equally be enjoyed in an adventurous cocktail, as a classic gin and tonic mixture, or just straight from the bottle. Right from the start, the smell from the bottle is remarkable, as the combination of golden citrus, emerald grasses, and the highest quality juniper and wildflowers with a hint of white pepper all come together to produce a gin in a class by itself. The 94 proof liquid is a fantastic example of organic ingredient combinations that create a unique and high-class spirit that’s unmatched.

The GMF team came together to try it out, courtesy of Koval. Opting for the traditional gin and tonic, each sip got better as we tried all the bottles. Even tasting the Koval neat produced one of the smoothest and finest tasting experiences.

Photo courtesy of Koval.