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When you stop to think about it, there really is no need for this clusterf@%k that is Restaurant Week.  Like the panicked affianced of the Running of the Brides, we clamor for reservations as soon as dates are announced, and if we don’t book the most highly-coveted tables before they’re gone then we’re never getting married and we’ll die old and alone.

Photo via NBC Chicago.

As we put together the Prix Fixe Dining Guide, I learned that you don’t have to clamor to restaurants twice a year like it’s your last meal on earth. Unless of course, it is. Many restaurants—including some of DC’s best like Rasika, Bourbon Steak, Bibiana, BlackSalt and Proof, offer a prix fixe menu year-round. So those Restaurant Week menus are simply pre-theater or prix fixe menus repackaged.  Same food, same price, great marketing. Call it what you want.

Pre-theater or prix fixe menus are simple, a great value, offer multiple courses, less stress and availability. The bonus is that you’re not on the receiving end of animosity that, let’s be honest, many restaurants feel during this time. David Chang will tell you that “there’s not one cook that is excited about Restaurant Week.” What do you think? Love it or hate it?