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We Washingtonians love our food trucks, don’t we? And we’re usually up for sampling something that will make us question humanity, won’t we, like SPAM musubi?! Mikala Brennan, native Hawaiian, SPAM lover and owner of the Hula Girl food truck, has graced us with this Hawaiian street food which some may consider being the best thing since canned chicken.

Brennan serves all kinds of out-of-this-world Hawaiian fare—like the Kalua pork and cabbage that will make you wonder, “How-the-eff-is-this-pork-so-piggin’-magical?!” But she really wanted to throw a nod to her native islands when she crafted her own version of musubi.  Think of it as Spam sushi—rice, soy sauce, roasted nori, all lovingly wrapped around a piece of fried SPAM. Yet, Andrew Zimmern–the host of Bizarre Foods who eats bugs and balls–disliked it. Say what?!

According to Brennan, it’s a Hawaiian snack that isn’t usually seen on menus but is readily available at convenience stores, school cafeterias, and grocery stores and is a favorite at the beach alongside a cold beer after a long swim. She says that’s when it tastes super ‘ono (Hawaiian speak for awesome). So, there’s that. It’s a delicious island treat that could also survive the apocalypse. Look for it at Hula Girl.  Enjoy.