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Friendsgiving is the perfect way to get over the holiday blues that come along with not being able to celebrate with family.  I mean look at the bright side: You won’t have to look at family photos yet another year. While family is great, feasting with friends can be even better — especially when there are holiday cocktails involved. Here are a few tips and tricks to hosting a perfect Friendsgiving.

  1. DON’T expect to cook like the matriarchs of your family. You just aren’t there yet, honey.
  2. DO use Pinterest for recipe inspiration. I mean duh! It’s fool-proofing your dinner.
  3. DON’T forget your guests may have allergies or diet restrictions. Don’t be that friend that doesn’t remember your friend is gluten-intolerant.
  4. DO have a variety of vegetarian and meat-based sides. We all love to cook greens in meat, but remember that vegetarian friend of yours.
  5. DON’T stress to make things perfect. Maybe you shouldn’t invite your food-needy friends after all… Just kidding. Everything will work out! If not, have a shot.
  6. DO ask for help. Friendsgiving is the perfect time for friends to bring over their signature dishes.
  7. DON’T forget to be thankful! That is what this day is all about.
  8. DO have fun. After all, you are with your favorite people.

Photo by Mr.TinDC