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When you think about it, healthy lunch options are pretty limited in this city.  I tried Googling “healthy food fast” and it laughed. I didn’t know my laptop could do that. Protein Bar lets you customize your own smoothies, quinoa bowls, chili, soups, salads, and of course, the bar-ritos.  These low-calorie, high protein options with satisfying carbs are actually good for you. Good for you! The last thing I ate that was good for me was an organic blueberry pie.  Protein Bar’s menu is so healthy in fact, author and food writer Nevin Martell lost 12 pounds in one month eating there 6 days a week.

Take for example, the Ivy Bar-rito, my favorite. Fresh white-meat chicken, organic quinoa, flirty basil pesto and just enough parmesan to keep you from protesting. Nothing in this tasty wrap was formed out of pink goo.  And it’s filling and flavorful at only 530 calories.  Bar-ritos also make for a good walking lunch. You know what else is 530 calories? A McCafé eggnog shake.  So creamy, so sugary.  But you know what?  Your face would fall off.  No…no it wouldn’t, we lie.  Your hair will.

Mandatory must-tries: The Newport chicken salad (pictured), buffalo chicken quinoa bowl, Georgetown Green Tea smoothie and Blue Line smoothie.  This Chicago-based chain makes everything in-house daily and uses local ingredients whenever possible.  So get healthy.  And keep your hair.

Protein Bar
398 7th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20004