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I never knew how much of a Thai food fanatic I was until I moved to New York. Scratch that — until I moved to Kips Bay. After more than two years in this bustling Manhattan neighborhood, sometimes I consider moving away to a quieter, less traffic-y, cleaner neighborhood, and then I think: But where would I eat?! I know, that’s a little dramatic. But the food in Kips Bay is highly underrated and extremely outta control. So many different cuisines, such delicious food! And on that note, my next Kips Bay fave you have to try: Thainy. Here’s the low-down on this delicious Thai hotspot.

Thainy serves lunch and dinner from 11:30 am to 11:00 pm Monday-Wednesday and Sunday; and 11:30 am to 12:00 am Thursday-Saturday. Their Super Lunch Special is available from 11:30 am-3:30 pm, and though I’ve never had it (!?!?), it includes a starter and entree and starts at around $8.

Ambiance: I always appreciate a place that is chic and well-designed but still has a casual feel. Thainy’s look is modern, clean and stylish. The softly dimmed lights, all-glass front entrance, and rich color palette inside create a lovely atmosphere for a date or a night out with friends. There’s always a little vase with a couple of fresh flowers on the table, and the otherwise minimal décor make this place feel bright and airy during the day.

Star Menu Item:  There’s one thing that hooked me to Thainy — and once and for all converted me from being a loyal Jaiya diner. (The Thai restaurant that literally shares a wall with Thainy.) VEGGIE DUCK.Thainy’s veggie duck is so good, it’s come close to converting even my most ardent carnivore friends. There isn’t anything I’ve had here that I haven’t liked, but my fave dish is the 28th Street Noodle with veggie duck (with a request of “spicy,” of course). It’s made with wide noodles sautéed in a brown sauce, bean sprouts, eggs, and a variety of Thai pickles and herbs. It starts at $9.98 and is an amazing value for the generous portion.

Frequent Foodie Tip: Window seats at Thainy are lovely, but beware: They’re NOISY. You’re pretty much getting a front row to 3rd Ave, which seems to always have a honking cab/fire truck/ambulance/police car/construction vehicle rolling down the street. Also, if you value your spice rack, Thainy’s is weirdly incomplete. It’s missing some spices that are pretty common to the average Thai spice rack.

Room For Improvement: There’s no glaringly obvious room for improvement (other than that incomplete spice rack). Service is pretty good, atmosphere is great, food is delicious, and prices are very reasonable. Even delivery time is always on-point. Maybe one thing: There’s sometimes a massive piece of lettuce at the bottom of the noodle dishes that serves little purpose for look and taste. Could do without this, Thainy! If you get a chance to stop by Thainy, let me know your thoughts. ‘Till next time, happy eating, y’all!