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You’re the consummate host, a tireless advocate, a loyal friend. Who else can walk the runway for Victoria’s Secret and code Python, C++, Java, MIPS, and Objective-C for Apple then go home and fashion a 3-tiered cake for your best friend’s wedding out of a marshmallow, paper clip and a dream? You’re also smart and generous, which is why Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to show you care to send the very best. Check out GMF’s fave statement gifts that are as unique as you, from local DC producers and beyond:

1. Mikspress’s Enamel Pin

When you love someone enough to put off binge-watching your shows, isn’t that the very definition of self-sacrifice? We spied DC artist Mariko Iwata’s “I wait to watch TV shows with you” enamel pin ($12) at Shop Made in DC in Dupont Circle. At only ¾-inch wide with a butterfly clutch back that doesn’t fall off as easily as the rubber ones, it’s a tiny but mighty powerful declaration of love.

2. Violet Red Studio’s Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Print

“Change takes courage,” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez once said. But so does loving yourself. DC artist Violeta Barcenas’s print of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ($10), the youngest woman ever elected to Congress is from her “Iconic” collection, and is a beautiful way to remind yourself that in order to love others, you have to love yourself first.

3. “I Love You More Than Cheese” Card

I mean…how many times have you said this to yourself in the mirror? Second Story Cards donates 10% of the profits of their cards to a charity of the cardmaker’s choice. DC artist Sasha Williams, who has found herself homeless on several occasions, has chosen Street Sense Media as her charity for this “I Love You More Than Cheese” card ($5). Who wins when you buy this card? Everyone.

4. Vestaboard

Take nagging to the max level with a split-flap board by Vestaboard ($2,250) the likes of which you’ve only seen at the country’s grandest train stations. With 62 alphanumeric characters, 8 art/pattern characters and up to 161 characters at one time, you can bark updates on this baby with passive-aggressive messages of love from your phone any time your heart desires.

5. Sydney Hale Co. Candles

Every once in a while, I wipe the Cheetos dust off my hands on my shirt long enough to pick up something cute and feminine for the house. I’ve tried just about all of Sydney Hale Co.’s candles and Bergamot + Black Tea ($30) is my favorite. It’s clean, bright, and just sweet enough without being overpowering when you leave it burning for a while because it just smells so damn good. Get it at Salt & Sundry.

6. Pink Lips Ashtray

Then I like to follow things up with something gloriously tacky like this Pink Lips Ashtray ($12.85) we found on Amazon because I’ve been that lush who always lit the wrong end of a cigarette. Don’t smoke? Store things you otherwise wouldn’t put in your mouth. Like Sea Monkeys.


7. Anjou Bath Bombs

This colorful bath bomb gift set ($13.99) gets great reviews on Amazon and they’re super cute, aren’t they? Use it when you need to fake a really big seizure as a distraction in order to defeat the bad guys involved in an illegal arms deal and reveal the mole inside WITSEC, or in a bath.

8. Fancy Seeing You Here Zombie Pick-up Line Card

Nothing says eternal love like roaming a post-apocalyptic world together until one of your asses gets got by zombies. We spotted Brooklyn designer Sarah Hanks’s Zombie Pick-up Line Letterpress Card ($6) at Steadfast Supply and we can’t think of a better way of saying, “I can’t imagine sucking canned spinach through a straw and pooping in random spots on the side of the road while evading the undead and hill people for an infinite amount of time until we rebuild society with anyone else but you. LOVE YOU.”

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