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With Father’s Day around the corner, the pressure of gift giving is bearing down. Dads give so much. Life, love, insurance, and as they like to remind us after a few too many holiday eggnogs, the best years of their lives to parenting.

Say thanks by showing him his investment has paid off with the perfect present. But let’s be honest, the man has been given enough neck ties to sew together a horrible paisley suit. And you’re not a kid anymore, so keep send Dad cookies while you expand your Father’s Day horizons a bit. Let’s talk gifts for today’s hip sperm donors.

Fathers are fixers, first and foremost. He’s been helping you deal with challenges since that incident at the playground (“Nobody likes a slide hog, Timmy.”).

That sort of problem-solving energy doesn’t disappear once you move out of the house, so give him some focus (and something to do with your old bedroom) by setting him up with his own beer-making kit ($15-$40) from Uncommon Goods which has pre-made brewing mixes for IPA’s, porters or ales. The process and the results will keep him busy for a long, long while.

Being a father takes guts, courage and perseverance–the same skills tested on Sir Ernest Shackleton’s doomed Antarctic adventure.

Get Dad a copy of Endurance: Shackleton’s Incredible Voyage by Alfred Lansing ($14.95) which details the harrowing 2-year trek of the survivors of the doomed ship Endurance, from being trapped by Antarctic ice to eventual rescue. Read it along with him and use the opportunity to address the similarities with the Great Trip to Aunt Millie’s Debacle of ’95.

Maybe it has to do with being a parent, or maybe he’s just reached a point in his life where white socks and a fanny pack seem like reasonable choices. He changed your diapers godammit, it’s time to return the favor by helping him clean up that hot mess. The full Don Draper makeover is going to take time and maybe a cod piece, but you can start with a great shave.

Caswell-Massey has been a purveyor of fine soaps and toiletries since the apothecary opened its doors in Newport, Rhode Island in 1752. Continuously operating for more than 250 years means they probably know a thing or two about grooming. They have a line of traditional razors that look like what you’d expect English nobility to use, that will give Dad the shave he’d expect from the old barber shop on the corner.

He doesn’t like to think about getting on in years. He is really struggling to accept that he can’t play pickup football with the reckless abandon of his youth. But just because he’s switching to more age-appropriate sports doesn’t mean that he has to stop being the bad ass he really is.

Check out this Batman/Bane bowling ball ($154.95). The ball features a scene of the final showdown between the Caped Crusader and a Bane who’s totally not using steroids and is free and clear to play in the NFL.

Get Dad the 16-pounder and at least one side of his body will start looking as ripped as the guys on the ball. The only way this ball gets more hardcore is if it plays Tom Hardy voiceovers as it rolls down the lane.

When it comes to meat, no one has been more eloquent than blog favorite and mustache impresario, Ron Swanson. Skip the rabbit food and head to Society Fair, the best regional meat market outside of that gym on 14th Street with the frosted windows.

The Alexandria-based meatery is offering a Father’s Day BBQ Bag-To-Go ($100) that includes pork ribs, kielbasa, BBQ sauce, macaroni ‘n’ cheese, slaw, cornbread, mixed berry pie and a bottle of red wine. Orders by phone or online until June 13 for pick-up June 15. That gives you just enough time to clear the meal with Dad’s cardiologist.

The heat of summer is settling in on us, and for my money, there’s no better summer drink than gin ‘n’…anything. Traditionally derived from juniper berries, gin is an ancient liquor with versatility and light flavors that blend well into summer cocktails.

One of my current favorites is Hendrick’s Gin ($34.99). A relatively new entry, Hendrick’s has been distilled in small batches in Girvan, Scotland since 1999. Along with 11 botanicals including cucumber and Bulgarian rose, it has a smooth flavor that’s delicious on the rocks, or subtle enough to be a good all-around mixing gin.