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Colada Shop co-owner and Bresca partner Daniella Senior; Taqueria Del Barrio Chef/Owner Anna Bran Leis and Dining Traveler founder Jessica van Dop DeJesus return for a deep dive into what it means to be a Latina in the U.S.

[2:30] As a young lieutenant in the Marines, Jessica is mistaken for a “lower rank girl.”

[3:22] Daniella is mocked for her strong Dominican accent, despite speaking multiple languages.

[10:28] Anna works three times harder than her white, male counterparts.

[16:20] Daniella adjusts to being the only woman in the room.

[22:34] Anna says women can come together to create instead of compete.

[25:49] Anna is told her husband will leave her if she doesn’t wear make-up and do her hair.

[28:47] Jessica says male celebrities can look like crap but women are expected to be perfect.

[34:45] Jessica feels the pressure of looking “perfect.”

[32:18] Daniella feels the pressure of going to the supermarket in 5-inch heels.

[40:40] Daniella doesn’t walk into the walk-in cooler without a paring knife in her hand.

[42:32] On deployment, Jessica kept her 9mm handgun everywhere for surprising reasons.

[44:25] “You’re just a woman.”

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