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If Instagram is the “highlight reel” of our lives, can we live with what ends up on the cutting room floor? James Beard semi-finalist and owner of Buttercream Bakeshop Tiffany McIsaac, Eater DC Associate Editor Tierney Plumb, and Food Network alum and pastry chef Rabia Kamara of Ruby Scoops join host Mary Kong-DeVito to discuss the unintended consequences of life online.

[8:38] Rabia is a Matcha Nazi and says matcha tastes like acid reflux.

[12:37] Tiffany says Twitter is a bitchfest.

[14:07] Tierney talks about the backlash against influencers.

[19:35] Tiffany coins the term “bashful blogger,” cousin to “woman laughing alone with salad.”

[21:09] Tierney describes what it’s like to walk in the influencer world.

[33:00] Rabia shares the downside of putting herself out there on Instagram.

[34:47] Tiffany shares the controversy and backlash over the cake she made for one of Trump’s inaugural balls and the role social media played in it.

[38:45] How Rabia and Tiffany handle negative comments and hate speech.

[40:27] Tierney talks about confirmation bias and the media’s role in a divisive climate.

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