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Emily. Oh Emily, how I love thee. But for real, the pizza at Emily is divine. Stop reading and go now because you’re wasting time not eating Emily’s pizza. Did you go? OK, good! Now let’s get on with some heart-to-heart pizza talk.

Pizza gets real in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn

You should try all of the pizza at Emily, but if you’re going for the first time, one of the pies you must get is the Emily (obviously). Definition: mozzarella, pistachios, truffle sottocenere, and honey. If you are still having a hard time understanding, let me put it this way: The most fantastic combination of cheeses, plus pistachios (yes, awesome on pizza), plus HONEY?! (Yes, also awesome on pizza). You won’t know what to do with yourself.

I suggest complementing the Emily with a red pie. Order The Colony (sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, pickled chili, honey) or the William (sauce, mozzarella, olives, onions, garlic, mixed herbs, basil). These are the two I’ve had, which is why I can suggest them, but I am positive that if I had tried others, I’d be recommending those as well. What I loved about The Colony especially, was the spiciness of the pickled chili with the sweet honey, it was a surprisingly delicious combination.

And that’s the great thing about Emily. It takes a strong base of really good classic pizza with classic flavors and adds a modern flair with ingredients like honey, pickled chili, pistachios, tomatillo sauce, and citrus, just to name a few. You can get a great classic pizza at Emily and feel like you’re somewhere far, far away from Brooklyn, like in a land called Italy. And you can also get flavors that you never imagined you’d have on pizza. Bottom line is, all of their food is guaranteed to knock your socks off.

And speaking of knocking your socks off, two words: S’mores Calzone. BAM! Get it, eat it, love it, and love it some more. I mean, what a genius idea. Oh, we have left over pizza dough? Let’s make a calzone stuffed with marshmallow, chocolate, and sprinkle graham cracker crumbs over the top like magic ferry dust.

It was awesome. People around our table were coming up and asking what it was that we ordered. Yea, that impressive. In the same evening, I was lucky to be able to try the banana pudding, which happened to be a dessert special. We were told it was made by Emily herself! Now that makes for a very satisfying and very special meal.

I’d also like to note that although the forte of Emily is their pizza, the pasta dishes and the burger look just as delicious.  I’m a pizza lady, I also don’t eat burgers, but if I did, I’d be sure to try the Emmy Burger at least once.  And next time I go to Emily, I’m going to mix it up with a pizza and a pasta dish.  I know, I’m wild.

You feel the love at Emily. Not to be corny but the Emily experience just makes a person happy. And you can tell that everyone else there is happy too, from the other customers and especially the staff, they make it a great experience. But then again, when you’re serving the best pizza to hungry people, I would be that happy too. Go to Emily, tell us what you think. And if you need a friend to go with you, I’ll cancel any plans I have and take one for the team.

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Photos courtesy of Emily

by Alison Magistrali