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After a morning full of errands, I found myself craving an everything bagel with bacon, egg and cheese — the ultimate Sunday comfort food IMHO. I had heard rumblings around town about Bullfrog Bagels and how delightful the bagels are, so I decided to take myself over to H St NE for a morning treat.
I arrived at Bullfrog Bagels at 12:15pm – the entrance to the deli was closed yet I could still see some staff rummaging around inside. I paced back and forth a few times and finally entered into the next door bar, Star and Shamrock. I was told that the deli counter/Bullfrog Bagel section of the establishment shuts down at noon but you could get any bagel sandwiches (but no bulk bagels) at the bar all day long. Whew!

I took a seat at the bar and ordered a classic bagelwich — everything bagel with bacon, egg and cheese — but also added a side of the house-whipped vegetable cream cheese. Best. Decision. Ever.

The bagel itself is a hybrid between New York style in terms of its salty dough and Montreal style in terms of size – a “DC bagel” if you will. It was perfect. I’m always sad when I can’t finish the monster NY-style bagels in one go since it’s never as good if save it for later. I’m not the biggest fan of the sweetness of a Montreal bagel. If this is a DC bagel, all I have to say is – way to go, DC!

As for the filling — the bacon is of great quality, eggs are cooked perfectly and the cheese was the right kind of melty cheddar. Finally – the cream cheese — the star of the show — had just the right amount of sharpness, creaminess and variety of veggies. I’m told that the veggies vary based off what can be found at the market. Mine included celery, peppers, carrots and a couple other crispy veggies.

Bullfrog Bagels is already making its mark on the DC bagel scene, churning out 500-800 bagels on any given weekday and 1,500-1,800 on most weekends. Not surprisingly, the everything bagel is first to go, so definitely get there early if that’s your thing. You can order and pay online to make sure you get a bite of that pillowy goodness.