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Happy Father’s Day to anyone who’s got eyes and an imagination. We’ve rounded up the hottest dads we’d like to see raisin’ our babies.  This post was brought to you in part by our ovaries, and by contributions from viewers like you.  Thank you.

We’re thrilled that Ben Affleck is with Jennifer Garner, and with babies make five. They make one of Hollywood’s most adorable families.

When Chris Hemsworth first arrived on the scene as James T. Kirk’s father in Star Trek, we knew we wanted him to be our daddy too.

He totally cheated on Chilli, but we do have to admit, Usher’s deep, deep dimples sure are cute. His hotness is only heightened by holding a baby.

Bad boy turned supportive dad, Colin Farrell has really changed his ways and is totally devoted to his two sons. That’s hot.

Here’s Dr. McSteamy, Eric Dane with one of his daughters. Clearly he’s flexing for our benefit, but we don’t mind.

We love good guy John Cho’s easy smile and serious ass-kicking skills in Star Trek, and we also love that he dotes on his two mini-me’s.

Here’s David Beckham’s steely gaze softened by daughter Harper’s giggle. Wait, do you hear that? It’s the sound of panties dropping across the globe.

Hugh Jackman shirtless, holding a baby. Enough said.

We find Jay-Z DILF-able because he really loves Blue Ivy. That is one lucky little girl.

No one’s paid attention to Ian Ziering since 1998, until he re-emerged in Chippendales this year with rock-hard abs. Ian, you have our attention.

Javier Bardem is the kind of man whom you could envision holding you in a passionate embrace. And because he’s Javier Bardem, he can do it all while embracing a baby and a dog, too.

It would be weird to show Ken Watanabe nuzzling his 28-year-old son. Here he is getting close to a horse and a dog. Honestly, he could be nuzzling a deep-sea anglerfish and it would be hot.

Johnny Depp, his tattoos and his daughter. What else do you need?

He and his wife originally didn’t want kids, but just look at the way Josh Holloway dotes on his daughter now.

Ziggy Marley’s megawatt smile and voice definitely keep us in a trance. This father of 6 is also the author of children’s book “I Love You Too.” Sigh.

Patrick Dempsey made the African Anteater Ritual popular. Now Dr. McDreamy, has been voted one of People Magazine’s 2008 Sexiest Men Alive.

Introducing new dad Channing Tatum, who just welcomed a baby girl. Oh look, there’s two Tatums. We’ll take a little of both, please.