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This post was sponsored by Club W, but all opinions expressed are our own.

Buying wine is risky business, it really is. Until you’ve tasted the contents of that new fancy labeled bottle and approved its worth, your dollar is at risk. Have you seen those people who stand in the wine aisles at the grocery store forever staring into the black hole of countless wine choices? Yep- that’s me there in the aisle, and probably most of you as well. It’s so hard to choose a wine based on the limited information available in stores. Not only do we risk buying a “bad” bottle of wine, but we also risk getting a bottle we’ve heard is “good” but that doesn’t mesh with our personal tastes.When I was invited by Club W to test their palate discovery questionnaire complete with custom selections by their wine curators based on individual preference, I was hit with an almost “light bulb” type moment. I asked myself, “Why in the world aren’t more companies doing this?” And I still have yet to come up with an answer after weeks of thinking about it. I don’t even get the kind of service Club W offers when I physically go to restaurants and wine boutiques.

I thought back on all the times I had been asked for help choosing wine and the one question that always comes up is, “Well, what kind of wine do you like?” Guess what? Not everyone knows! That’s why they’re asking for help in the first place. Club W decided to take advantage of the simple fact that not everyone knows their own taste in wine. In response, they created a fun, simple, and enlightening set of questions to help you discover wines you might enjoy based on questions that nearly everyone can confidently answer. “How do you like your coffee?” and, “How do you feel about salt?” are just two examples of questions that Club W curators will ask you to match you with new custom wine selections. It’s genius!

On their website, they articulate their mission:

“Our mission is to transform choosing wine into an ongoing conversation between our curators and your personal tastes. Wine is not about being told what to drink, it’s about the experience of discovering what you like. It’s time for choosing and buying wine to catch up with the simple, personal pleasure of drinking it.”

The future is bright for Club W as long as their team of curators continually provide excellent boutique wines and refine their questionnaires to better decode individual tastes. Their system thrives on simplicity- a very good choice for today’s busy consumer. Most wine company methods get consistently more complex and they end up drowning the consumer with over-information. But, the bottom line is always the same; if you find a company that regularly recommends wines you’ll enjoy, taking some of the guesswork out of choosing wines, you’ll keep coming back. Club W has the unique opportunity to be the kind of business that you can grow to trust with your wine selection needs. And let me tell you from experience that it beats the heck out of standing in the wine aisle for 20 minutes! Club W’s program automatically selects three bottles of wine that are shipped to you each month based on your taste profile for just $39 (shipping included).

Club W is offering a special promotion for GMF readers. The next 20 people to sign up at Club W using the code “DELANEY13” at checkout will get a free bottle of wine with their order! (valued at $13). Enjoy!