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When The Source’s Executive Chef Scott Drewno spent two weeks in China, the land of my peeps, I imagine he learned many things–Chinese people are extremely superstitious, we have two volumes–shouting and mute, and we’ll speak in Chinese even if we know you won’t understand.

After taking cooking classes, sampling food from all over China, and undoubtedly visiting many markets with seas of squawking, raven-haired Lilliputians, Drewno is back to offer a modern take with the Communal Tasting Menu ($100 per person, additional $50 for wine, sake, and beer pairings) at The Source.

But don’t be fooled when I say it’s a modern take by an American.  It’s some of the best Chinese dishes in town.  Mandatory must-tries are the roast pork buns, dan dan noodles and Hainanese fried rice.

The Hong Kong-style steamed branzino is good enough to rival my mother’s.  I say that partly because it’s true and partly because she can’t read this. The Communal Tasting Menu includes nine generous courses served family-style, because Drewno also learned to always cook enough for a Chinese army.

The Source by Wolfgang Puck
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