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There’s nothing better than waking up late on a Sunday, being greeted with a fresh cup of coffee, a hearty breakfast, and the first cocktail of the day.

Hook in Georgetown, is known for local produce, meats, sustainable fish and providing me everything I ever dreamed of.

Hook’s brunch menu had the usual suspects–eggs, pancakes, french toast. However, I spotted the lobster omelet and bacon Bloody Mary. Ahoy, sailor!

Large chunks of sweet Maine lobster folded into a rich, creamy sauce, nestled between fluffy, scrambled eggs.  There is enough for two.  I sampled the crispy, golden home fries, fat-sliced bacon, and ate the garnish—I’m trying to get more veggies in my diet.

Sadly, the Bloody Mary (pictured) was not made with bacon-infused vodka, as I had hoped.  It was simply a regular Bloody Mary with an albeit artfully-arranged bacon strip on top. Would it taste bacony?

I chased a bite of bacon with a sip.  No. I pushed the bacon to the bottom of the glass to marinate. That didn’t work, either. The flavors refused to mix, but I drank it anyway.  I’m no quitter.

Hook has incredible desserts, like the caramel pine nut tart with Gorgonzola dolce and rosemary ice cream. But who could indulge after a gargantuan meal like that?  Their menu changes daily, so if you want a luxurious lobster breakfast, go this weekend!

Hook now closed
3241 M Street NW
Washington, DC 20007