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I’d never heard of Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop until I heard Vice President Joe Biden visited the new Dupont Circle location on opening day to take sandwiches back for lunch with President Obama (no hot peppers, please). Biden’s a big fan of the chain, which is based in his home state of Delaware. You can read about it in DCist, POLITICO, or the AP. And yes, Biden did have to borrow $10 from an assitant to pay for everything.

What to try:

  • Italian: Described on the menu as “a flavorful combination of italian deli meats. Made with genoa salami, capicola and prosciuttini.”
  • Cheesesteak: Billed as “our award winning Cheese Steak includes premium grilled steak, and melted white American cheese. Add mushrooms, onions, or hot peppers to spice it up.”
  • Homemade Meatball Sub: We’re told it’s made from Capriotti’s signature homemade meatball recipe and topped off with Provolone cheese, grated Romano cheese, and sauce.”

The Cap’s specials:

  • The Bobbie: I’m changing the description from “nationally acclaimed best-seller! Homemade turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, and mayo” to “It’s Thanksgiving in your mouth.”
  • Capastrami: Described as “Hot pastrami, Swiss cheese, Russian dressing, and cole slaw.”
  • SlawBeJoe: Great name and made with “Homemade roast beef, provolone cheese, Russian dressing, and cole slaw.”

Let me say that I’m not normally a sandwich person, but there are about three places in DC that I’ll go to for one, and Capriotti’s made it on that list. The sandwiches come in 9″, 12″, and gigantic sizes, so perfect just for you or to share.

My absolute favorite was The Bobbie, which pictures do NOT do justice. Talk about a treat. It’s kind of like the day after Thanksgiving when you have all these leftovers of the traditional dishes and then just put them into a sandwich. Here’s a fun fact: Capriotti’s DC roasts ten 25 lb turkeys every day. That’s 250 lbs of turkey!

I should have taken a Capastrami to go. It was with this sandwich that I also noticed how great the bread is. Though different, it definitely competes with another favorite of mine: DGS Delicatessen’s Housemade Pastrami Sandwhich.

Three other things you’ll like about Capriotti’s?

  • The employees — they’re very friendly, welcoming and great at explaining the menu.
  • The price — not bad for the size of the sandwich and the amount of meat you get.
  • The creative — I liked reading the sayings on the butcher paper my meal(s) was wrapped in.

You can expect to see more of this chain in the DC area. A second Capriotti’s is opening at 1550 Wilson Blvd, Rosslyn in the end of April, and franchise owner George Vincent, Jr has his sights on Georgetown, Capitol Hill, NoMa. The goal is to open five more this year. Psssst…Capriotti’s used to be open until 3am, but ended that earlier this year after they realized the drunk crowd wasn’t exactly the clientele they wanted.

Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop
1800 M St NW
Washington, DC 20036
(202) 429-2277