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Washington is a town that runs on politics.  Regardless of political party, there’s going to be a lot less of all of that gub’mint work going around thanks to the Sequestpocalypse.  That means we’re all doing more with less for the foreseeable future.  To cut down on nightlife and gym expenses, some folks are taking a “SEXquester.”  While GMF takes no official position on this, I say wrap it up and don’t be a creeper.

Instead, grab a seat at BLT Steak and keep an ear out for political gossip dropped by the movers and shakers that frequent this hotspot.  And before you start posting ads for sexquestration, try dealing with the big Congressional oopsie by checking out the barrel-aged cocktails.  BLT has three 5-gallon charred, wooden bourbon barrels that turn out specially-aged classic cocktails.  It’s the one program that’s safe from budget cuts.

Start your vigil with the negroni, a traditional aperitif.  Aside from a delicious mix of organic gin, Aperol and sweet vermouth, you’ll have the advantage of convincing the people around you that you know what aperitif means.  A process that typically takes years, the mixology team of Steve Oshana and Rico Wisner age their negronis for 2½ weeks in small barrels, giving them a taste that goes down smooth.  The Campari-marinated orange peel brings bipartisan support, joining Campari supporters and naysayers together with just enough distinct flavor to provide the sort of balance that’s in short supply.

The negroni traces its history back almost 100 years to Italy, so you might want to ask your grandparents about this one.  Since you’re being furloughed soon, you might want to make that call collect.

Okay, you’re feeling good, some DC big shots just walked in, and you’re working up the nerve to explain your brilliant financial solution.  You might want to let that thought simmer for a bit with a Bermuda Triangle, BLT’s take of the Dark ‘n’ Stormy.  Get lost in the mixture of anise-flavored dark rum and champagne ginger beer.  Much like Campari, ginger beer has an inten
sity that’s not popular with everyone.  Much like the negroni, the Bermuda Triangle will win over even the most flavor-fearful.

At this point, desperation is starting to set in.  Maybe it’s time to think about jumping ship and seeing what some other cities have to offer.  While you ruminate on your options, order the Brooklyn, a cousin of the Manhattan.  It combines rye whiskey, dry vermouth, maraschino liqueur and Amerpicon.  Almost impossible to find outside of France, BLT’s housemade Amerpicon is worth the price of admission alone.  Five weeks of aging leaves it with a smooth, smoky flavor that balances sweet and bitter notes better than Congress balances…sorry, all references to balance and Congress return a 404 File Not Found.

In the end, take some deep breaths.  We’re going to get through this.  Or…DC is going to hell in a handbasket.  Either way, those bourbon barrels are working ’round the clock for you.

BLT Steak
1625 I St NW
Washington, DC 20006