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Alla Spina takes Italian ingredients and goes crazy.  Not like “your ma beating you in your sleep with a Swiffer” crazy.  More like “getting hit by a bus and lying in the street while having your body’s defense mechanisms flood your brain with feel-good endorphins” kind of crazy.

Take for example, the modestly-named ham and eggs ($16).  Maple-glazed prosciutto cotto and tangy Taleggio scrambled eggs are sandwiched oh-so-lovingly on house-made Pullman bread that’s seared and finished with even more maple syrup. Surprisingly, it’s not overly sweet, instead letting all the savory sunshine peek through. “I’m here, bitches!”

The testina hash poutine ($14, pictured) is misleading. There is no pig’s head on a plate, but brown, chicharonnes-like crispy bits, mozzarella curd, hot sauce Hollandaise and sunny-side up eggs over fries. I am deceived! I shall solace in the bottom of the plate!

Not hard to see why Bon Appetit named Alla Spina one of the Top 50 Best New Restaurants in the country. In addition to an incredible brunch menu, this Italian gastropub offers 50 bottled beers, 20 on tap, including hard-to-find Italian beers, and the house Novello Blonde Ale by local craft brewery, Victory. This is a victory, indeed.

Alla Spina
1410 Mt. Vernon Street
Philadelphia, PA 19130
(215) 600-0017