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by Jaclyn Jecha

While the U.S. has a lot to offer, we’re the first to admit that we forget our neighbors to the north. It’s really unfortunate because Canada is so close and offers so much.

While we always had it in the back of our minds to explore Canada, it’s moved to the top of our list of travel destinations.

Prince Edward Island is so much more than the home of Anne of Green Gables. While we all love Anne, there is so much more on Prince Edward Island including culinary adventures. Perhaps the most intriguing for us are the clam digs. There is nothing like fresh seafood, especially seafood that you’ve caught yourself and Prince Edward Island has some of the best.

Canada has everything anyone could possibly want. There are even nude beaches in Canada. Yes, seriously. Notably, Wreck Beach in British Columbia where you can mix beautiful views of Canadian landscapes with other views of… well, human landscapes. We may not be rushing to bare it all, but it’s nice to know that there are lots of different experiences for all kinds of people.

Canada is not just about hockey. Sure, they are great at it – as we saw in the recent gold medal victories in both Vancouver and Sochi – but there is so much more including skiing, snowboarding, hiking, extreme sports, fishing, cycling and anything else you can imagine. There are countless things to do that you could never get bored.

Nature is everywhere and it’s beautiful. Cities in Canada certainly have their place, but there is nothing that compares to the great outdoors. Canada has everything – beaches, mountains, tundras, and everything in between. Whether you enjoy hiking, camping or just like looking at natural wonders, including the Northern Lights, Canada has it.

The people really are that nice. No, seriously. They are. As midwesterners, we know “nice” and Canada has “nice” down pat. Everyone we met was so open and down to earth. They were easy to talk to and cared just as much about you as they did about their country. Who wouldn’t want to spend time in a country that’s known for how nice their people are?

Image courtesy of the Canadian Tourism Commission