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You haven’t had real fun until you’ve visited Nashville, Tennessee. Hotels.com asked me to share my favorite places to visit in the city dubbed “Nashvegas,” where the music plays all night long, biscuits are the size of your head, and you can have more fun than you’ll ever know, all just a short flight from Washington, DC.

Nashville has different neighborhoods depending on what vibe you’re looking for, and Hotels.com has a great neighborhood guide to check out. I love staying in The Gulch, close to all the action at Music Row and near downtown, but there are various neighborhoods to suit your needs, all with great hotels in Nashville near the best restaurants. One of the best things about Nashville is the food, naturally.

Hattie B’s

It is said that hot chicken was a tool of revenge by a woman trying to exact justice on her philandering boyfriend. Seems to me like the plan backfired. At Hattie B’s, there are five levels of heat, depending on how vengeful you’re feeling, but frankly, they’re all delicious. Make sure to pair this crispy, fiery, juicy chicken with Southern greens, crinkle-cut fries, red skin potato salad, pimento mac & cheese, baked beans, and definitely the banana pudding.

The Mockingbird

On Sundays, we brunch, and at The Mockingbird, they take a biscuit and load it up with chicken-fried chicken thigh (YES!), tangy salsa verde, chorizo gravy, and a fried egg. This is everything that is great about America. Don’t forget the very fun “Punchin’ Bags”, seasonal fruit punches served in a Capri Sun-like bags!

Milk & Honey

Do you love breakfast as much as I do? In the land of Milk & Honey, there are carbs, delicious carbs as far as the eye can see. Start the day with a fluffy, fresh-baked brioche cinnamon roll topped with melty cream cheese icing, or a buttermilk biscuit topped with applewood bacon, scrambled egg, and Cheddar. Ask for a side of fresh berries if you’re watching your weight. But why would you want to?

Biscuit Love

Judging by the lines out the door, Biscuit Love (pictured in feature photo) lives up to the hype, and the East Nasty is a sure thing. A buttermilk biscuit topped with a fried boneless chicken thigh, aged Cheddar, and sausage gravy, it’s easy to see why this sandwich was named Bon Appétit’s Best Sandwich in America.


Saving the best for last, no trip to Nashville is complete with a visit to Husk, a mecca of Southern dining. The restaurant is housed in an 1883 mansion that is the former home of Nashville Mayor Richard Houston Dudley. This is a meal where you want to put all your phones away and just enjoy the experience. Tennessee charcuterie, oysters, Cheddar biscuits, and a Bear Creek Farm ribeye are stars of the show, and you can’t leave the table without a bite of sweet potato pie with chicory brown sugar marshmallow, and cream cheese.

Who doesn’t love Southern food? It’s one of this country’s great national treasures. What do you love to do in Nashville?