The worst thing about getting stuck in Cincinnati during a snowstorm is the lack of access to good seafood, wine and diamond-encrusted Uggs.  The best thing about getting stuck in Cincinnati during a snowstorm is staying across the street from Cincinnati’s Skyline Chili’s.  Started by Nicholas Lambrinides in 1949, Skyline’s rich, smoky chili is known world-wide.

Skyline is fascinating in its cocoa-cinnamon goodness, saucy in consistency and gritty in a very addictive way.  You can make any dish “extreme with habanero cheese!” but instead, stick to Skyline’s own original-recipe hot sauce which enhances an already great chili. It looks like Tabasco but smoother, more acidic and less spicy.

  • Hiding inside the softest little hot dog bun was a cheese coney ($1.85) light on the mustard and diced onions, but liberal on shredded cheddar.
  • Crispy chili cheese fries ($4.99) had the right amount of wilt when covered in smoky chili and shredded cheese.
  • Thin but flavorful chili barely hung onto slick chili spaghetti ($4.99).  Did I forget to ask for cheese?
  • Forgo all distractions and just order the loaded 5-way chili ($5.99/regular) spaghetti, topped with chili, cheese, onions and red beans.

No matter what vehicle you choose, it only serves to bring the chili and various accoutrements to your mouth.  For the lactose-intolerant, be sure to bring Lactaid..and a cat.