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Rarely do I go to Baltimore. Not because there aren’t things to do there. In fact, Baltimore’s grown to be quite the quick getaway destination for Washingtonians. No, no, the problem for me is that having so many cocktails that I lose my purse in the trash, then rather than go dumpster diving I cab it all the way back to DC then ask my roommate to pay the waiting cab while promising to pay her back when I get my new ATM card in the mail so much fun in Baltimore makes me reluctant to make that long drive back at the end of the night.

Which is why staying at the Four Seasons Baltimore right in the heart of all the action is plenty incentive for me to get out of dodge. I can find everything I need within a polished hot stone’s throw from the hotel. I’m admittedly lazy, so if I can’t get it done within a five-block radius, I won’t do it. Concert at Wolf Trap? I’ll pass. Lower prices at Walmart? I’ll pay full price at the corner bodega. Zombie apocalypse?  I’ll wait it out.

Plus when GM gives me a sweet ride to use for the trip, I’m all about it. I’ve never owned such a huge vehicle before for fear of exorbitant gas prices, but the GMC Terrain is really so roomy inside, I don’t mind driving all the way to Baltimore to gas up that bad boy. My recommendation is, once you’ve settled into your room at the Four Seasons, spend as much time at the pool as possible.  This urban oasis has a full bar, pool menu, infinity-edge pool, and luxurious cabanas, which finally make Charm City live up to its name.

Brunch is a special treat at Wit & Wisdom, where the whisper-light lobster corndogs ($16) are served with tangy, cool crème fraîche, the Maryland crab deviled eggs ($8) are delicate, creamy with the crunch of fried onion, and the Anson Mills Antebellum shrimp and grits ($18) are worth the scorn of name-dropping.

I found the grilled rabbit boudin sausage ($17), equally comforting, glistening and plump, served with an eggy popover, soft scrambled eggs and wilted spinach.  For dessert, Lamill’s Devil’s Food “Coffee & Cake,” ($10) looked like perfectly-formed pumice, hiding espresso curd which surprise-attacked me with intense flavor, soothed by brown butter coffee sherbet.

For dinner at PABU, it was only natural to indulge in sashimi and items from the robata grill.  Santa Barbara sea urchin ($16) was so earthy, silky and fresh, it threatened to slink off my chopsticks.  The “Happy Spoon” ($5.88) was indeed happy, and I didn’t get arrested after slurping it up. The bluefin tuna ($20) and sea bream ($14) were tender and sweet, and the pineapple green tea ice cream ($7.88) disappeared quickly due to its popularity.  Pair it with the airy hibiscus meringue and plum, strawberry, honey gelée, if there’s any left.

If you have only 24 hours in Baltimore, forget the aquarium and spend it at the Four Seasons Baltimore.  Everything you covet is here and the seafood’s better anyway.

Photo courtesy of Four Seasons Baltimore.

Address Book

Wit & Wisdom, 410.223.1456
PABU, 410.223.1460
Both at the Four Seasons Baltimore, 200 International Drive, Baltimore, MD 21202