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We’ve been a long-standing advocate of adventurous eating, opening minds and mouths to cultural food diversity and showing that all unfamiliar foods eventually become familiar if you just give them a chance. Having said that, we ate some wacky-ass shit. Once society plunges into a dystopic Mad Max world, this list will look as conventional as oatmeal. From insects to innards, we’ve had it all.  Let’s have a madcap recap, shall we?

Home of some zany creations, Cafe Saint Ex came out with a whole menu of grilled cheese sandwiches, including one topped with Fruity Pebbles. Photo courtesy of Cafe Saint Ex.

A Bar’s cryo-cocktails (pictures in feature photo) were definitely some of the wackiest (and refreshing) drinks we’ve had this year. Anything on the cocktail menu could be frozen with liquid nitrogen, including these shots.

The alligator at Redline came not one but three ways, smelling like fish but tasting like chicken.

We went hog-wild on Cause’s trotter tots, perfect little cubes of fatty, lush porkiness.

The Coupe takes a classic Monday night football staple and cranked it up several notches, pairing zesty buffalo frog legs with a pungent blue cheese.

You may think picking up blood with chopsticks is like catching water, but it’s only impossible if you’ve never tried this delicious and silky dish at Full Kee.

We stuffed our faces with pig face at Girl & the Goat, Chicago’s hottest restaurant right now from Top Chef’s Stephanie Izard.

Looks delicious, doesn’t it? The plasma in The Pig’s blood ice cream acts as a thickener, and oddly had us digging in for more.

An acquired taste, like smelly French cheese. The snowflake patterns on A+J’s 1,000-year-old eggs are nature’s attempt to distract you as you get ambushed by the smell.

2012 was the year of the pig, and The pig brains at The Pig is a stroke of genius, forming the creamy, squishy (?!) texture of noggin into a porchetta, and is only detectable if you’re looking. Animal brains can make even the most adventurous eaters a bit squeamish.

The grasshopper-laden Oaxacan Sour at Oyamel was horrifying and exhilarating at once. Is this what Dexter feels like after a kill?

The balut at New York City’s Maharlika tasted like hard-boiled egg and babies. Bewildering yet beautiful, it is slurpable, protein-packed but frankly, a little unnerving.

What are some of the craziest things you ate or drank this year?